Saturday, January 24, 2015

The purpose of this site - DIY Money Stuff

The purpose of this site is to help individuals make better informed financial decisions

I have always been a big do-it-yourselfer (hence the 'DIY'), and believe that with the right tools and education, nearly all aspects of your financial life can be handled on your own. That being said, I am not a professional investment advisor, and things posted on this site will often be too general to be considered personalized, so please understand that everything on this site is intended to be educational and nothing should be considered investment advice.

While I am not a professional investment advisor, I do have some qualifications that I will outline later that should give some credibility to the information provided. In the end, you'll be the judge, but I've been wanting to compile my thoughts for some time and hope that someone can find them useful. In upcoming posts, I will outline my background and what (I think) helps make me unique from other personal finance bloggers out there.

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