Friday, January 1, 2016

2015 Net Worth Update – passed $500k

Happy New Year! Another year has passed and it is time to update my net worth.
Since the last update, a lot has happened, some of which helped our net worth grow more than others, can you guess which is which?
  • Our household net worth surpassed $500,000, ending the year at $509,553
  • I got a healthy raise at work (>10%!)
  • We set up a college savings account for our kids (not included in our net worth)
  • I converted some of my Rollover IRA to Roth
  • The stock market closed 2015 with the worst performance since 2008 (1.19% return when including dividends)
  • We travelled through Europe for 10 days without jeopardizing other financial goals
Here are some details on how our net worth is currently made up.
First, you'll notice our cash is basically unchanged over the past 3 months. This is largely on purpose, as we'd rather invest excess cash or use it to pay extra on our mortgage. Over the next few months, I expect our cash to increase a bit as we've decided we'd like a slightly larger emergency fund. We should be able to do this without slowing down other goals because of a raise I recently received at work. We're making a conscious effort to make sure our lifestyle doesn't inflate with our higher income, and have allocated the majority of the additional income to go towards investments, mortgage reduction, and college savings for the kids.
October was a good month for our investments, growing by over $15,000, coming off the August and September declines. Like most index investors, our portfolio has been relatively stagnant throughout 2015, but we've continued to buy in with monthly 401k contributions and periodic IRA contributions.
There isn't a whole lot to tell about our other assets – our cars continue to be reliable and are old enough that they aren't really depreciating like newer vehicles. Our house value also seems about right. There are some similar homes in the neighborhood going for well over $450k, so this estimate should be in the ball park. We've made extra principal payments on our mortgage every month since we bought our home, and have increased the amount of our extra payments slightly using a portion of my increased income.
Overall, it's been a great year. I'm excited for what 2016 will bring and am in the process of finalizing my 2016 goals. For the year, our net worth increased by nearly $22,000. Where it will go in 2016 is unknown, but what I can tell you for sure is that we'll continue to save, invest, and ride the market through the ups and downs. That is, after all, the main thing we have control over.   

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