Saturday, November 12, 2016

Medical Expenses

It's open enrollment time again, and with that I've been starting to see lots of commentary about some big premium increases that people are facing. Our health insurance is through my employer and comes with relatively low premiums and seeing what other people pay has helped remind me how good of a benefit this is. Our family is covered for a monthly premium of $331, which will be increasing to $348/mo in 2017 with a $2,600 deductible. Overall this is a very affordable plan compared to others I've seen and heard about.

We've had a high-deductible plan now for a couple of years and it wasn't until earlier this year that we got to see exactly what high-deductible means. We had a couple of unexpected medical expenses pop up and had to pay 100% of the roughly $2,000 bill. We had plenty of money in our HSA to cover the expenses but it was a bit of a wake-up call/reminder that our insurance had gone from something that covered a portion of all our expenses to a plan that covered absolutely nothing until we had met our deductible. In my opinion, funding an HSA is a must for anyone with a high-deductible plan.
In early 2017 we are expecting another child and are looking at the best way to cover the associated expenses for labor and delivery. This will be our first child that we've had with a high-deductible insurance plan and it has been difficult to say the least to get a good estimate of all the costs we'll have pay for the birth. We've been adding to our HSA since depleting it earlier this year and think we should have enough

Our first two kids were born back before we had a high deductible plan or HSA's and our out of pocket expenses were about $1,000 for the first, then $1,500 for the second ($1,000 of the $1,500 was covered by an employer HSA contribution so really only $500 out of our pocket). Our third was born after switching jobs to my current employer and our out of pocket expenses were literally zero since everything was covered by an employer funded Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). After that year, we switched to a high-deductible HSA plan and have been on that ever since. Sadly, the plan that covered nearly all expenses is no longer available.

I still don't know enough about our expected expenses to do a full write-up, but will do so as I get more information. So far, all of our deliveries have been without any complications, and my wife has never had an epidural. Basically the doctor is just there in case something goes wrong, and our hospital bills have been about as low as it can be for having a baby in the hospital (when #3 was born we even snuck in our own Tylenol so we didn't have to get it from the hospital – what they can get away with charging is criminal) Although we are all about natural birth, we aren't looking into home delivery options. As we try to estimate our upcoming expenses, the lack of transparency doesn't surprise me but it sure is frustrating.

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