Wednesday, June 6, 2018

April 2018 Net Worth Update

Back from the declines of March, April saw our net worth snap back to $779,035. Here's how it broke down:


Our cash balance went down a bit in April partially from an extra big payment against our mortgage, and also some unexpected travel due to a death in the family. I consider time with family a priority and consider ourselves blessed that we don't have to decide attending family events and money.


In April, we had planned to make another large charitable donation but chose instead to put those funds towards our mortgage. Charitable giving is still a large part of our budget since we tithe 10% of our income to our church. Until our house is paid off, we have decided to defer other large donations that we have been making to our colleges.

Each month we have 'gems' that we move from one jar to the other to help our kids have a visual representation of our progress in paying off our house. Each gem represents $1,000 and we make it a family event when we move from one to the other.


My mantra for our investments is "Stick to the Plan". It's not exciting, especially when I report out on it monthly, but the progress speaks for itself. We continue to add money from each paycheck and continue to be invested almost 100% in equities. Between market growth and our own contributions, we are up over $70k from the same time last year. Nearly all of our investments are tied up in retirement accounts, which will change once we have the house paid off.

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