Thursday, July 5, 2018

May 2018 Net Worth Update

May was a great month in many different ways. We went on a long-awaited European cruise from Barcelona to Venice, I finished reading 11 books (!), and our net worth increased by over $22k to $801,743.


Our cash balance in May was pretty flat, which was a little surprising considering that this included our hotels in Europe and all our food/souvenirs. Most of our trip was on a cruise ship and those expenses we paid way before May, but we still spent more than a normal month. We don't have any expensive trips planned for a while, so shouldn't have any problems keeping our cash in the $20-25k range.


We continue to make big extra payments on our mortgage and knocked another $2,700 off the balance in May. This was roughly $2,000 more than the minimum payment, so we're still on track to have the house paid off in 2021. The extra payments we make are manageable in our budget, but can be a stretch during some of our more expensive months. Some similar houses in our neighborhood have been selling for over $500k, so this house value sounds reasonable even though the jump in home price from one month earlier looks big.


Talking about our investments sometimes feels like a bit of a broken record. Yet again, we are sticking to our plan. Why fix something that isn't broken though, right? I add regularly to my 401k, which remains 100% invested in stocks. Our other investments are nearly 100% stocks, with small amounts in bonds and REITs. More than 99% of our investments are in retirement accounts that won't be touched for over 10 years and we are comfortable with the volatility that comes with stocks. 

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  1. Great job in May. I have the same thought process as you, my investments are primarily stocks. Sure they are going to take a beating at some point, but we've got the time on our side.

    Well done and thanks for sharing!