Wednesday, April 17, 2019

March 2019 Net Worth Update - Up to $916k

March was another strong month of net worth gains for the DIY$ household. With the S&P 500 up 1.79% and a hefty mortgage payment, we were able to add $12,578 to our net worth, bringing the total up to $916,553.


We had a lot of different expensive things come up in March so I was pleasantly surprised to see our cash balance only drop by $360. In addition to our trip to Paris, we bought a new dishwasher after our old started leaking, and a couple new tires for my car. 

Another exciting thing that happened in March is that I received a promotion I've been working towards for some time now. This comes with a pretty hefty pay bump that will help our cash situation once we get through our current #1 financial goal of paying off our house.


Our investment balances continue to be allocated primarily to US stocks and we made no changes in the month. We still haven’t seen all the bills for a hospital visit in February, which will be paid from our HSA that we include in this balance.


We knocked $3,200 off of our mortgage balance in March and our home value continues to hover just under $500k. My new paycheck amount went into effect mid-month, so we are waiting until April to bump up our standard payment since any extra income we get is going towards our mortgage. We have now officially paid enough that we have saved 239 payments, nearly 20 years off of our 30-year mortgage!

A house down the street from us just sold for over $550k and for the first time in a while there are no homes for sale in either our neighborhood or some of the other similar neighborhoods nearby. This is good sign and gives me comfort that the estimate from Zillow is in the ballpark.

When we finally pay off the house, we have promised our kids that they will get to go on a cruise with us (our last few cruises they were left with other family members). We keep a jar of 'gems' in the living room where each gem represents $1,000 of outstanding mortgage balance. As we make payments, the kids get the help move 'gems' from one jar to the next, and we've now reached the point where there aren't a lot of gems left to move. Naturally, the kids have begun to ask about a cruise, so we've started looking into options.

Barely any gems left...

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