Tuesday, October 22, 2019

September 2019 Net Worth Update - Another All-time high

September was another great month for our net worth, which grew by over $22k to $982,369. It's hard to believe that we're basically one good month away from achieving millionaire status. I think it may set in once we are mortgage free, because until then we don't see a lot of accumulation of assets outside of our retirement accounts and home equity.


Our cash balance jumped in September, but partially because we closed out our mortgage escrow account. The account had accumulated around $3k which we had never included in our numbers before. Now we've got that cash, but we'll also be writing a big check in a few months to pay property taxes. Sadly, our county charges a 2.5% processing fee for paying taxes with a credit card, otherwise I'd consider using our credit card to get 2% cash back.

The market continues to march forward and we continue to go up in lockstep. The S&P 500 was up almost 1.7%, and we saw those increases plus our normal monthly contributions. 
We haven't made any changes to our investment holdings or strategy. 


We sent the same amount to our mortgage that we were planning to, but since they had already closed our escrow account, the payment went further towards principal than normal. We have enough cash to pay our tax bill, but may dial our payments down a bit in the next couple of months to not deplete our cash too badly when that bill comes.

Our home value also crept up again this month, so the increase to our net worth associated with our house was just over $10k. If our house were paid off, half of that increase would have been in liquid assets, which I’m really looking forward to. We’re now targeting just 4 more months to be mortgage free.

Our home related expenses were under $200 this month as we took care of some curtains, and bought some trim that will be installed over the next few weeks. Our big home remodeling projects will start next year, but we'll give ourselves a few months to relax and build up cash before we start tearing down walls.