Monday, February 24, 2020

We Did It!

As of this month, we are officially MORTGAGE FREE! Our mortgage servicing company had this nice note posted the day after we wired them the final payoff but it still hasn't sunk in. 

I've been at the same company now for almost 7 years and have received progressively larger bonuses each year. Most of those years, we've taken pretty much the entire bonus and used it to pay down our mortgage. We're very fortunate to have a high income, but at the same time I also know co-workers who make as much or more than me who are nowhere near paying off their homes. 

When the direct deposit hit, I had all the information ready to get the wire transfer out and within about an hour of getting the deposit I had sent the wire to our mortgage company for the last and final payment. You could say I was a little excited. The next day, we celebrated by taking a long weekend family trip to one of our favorite spots just a few hours drive away. 

We have had a mortgage payment pretty much consistently for the past 13 years on three separate houses. We've become so accustomed to making monthly payments that it still doesn't seem real that we'll never have to make another mortgage payment. I'm really looking forward to the first paycheck I get in March that won't have to go straight towards the mortgage, maybe then it will seem real.

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