Net Worth

On this site, I frequently update my net worth. This is just as much for me as it is for any readers, as it allows me to look back and see how far I’ve come as well as provide encouragement as new milestones are reached.

Growing my net worth in and of itself is not necessarily the goal. My goal is to be able to accumulate sufficient assets that I never need to worry about depleting them as long as I live. I also don’t want to have to work forever. We are planning on an early retirement, and would begin living off of our investment income at that point. I have an idea of what level of net worth that requires and when I’d like to get there, and frequent tracking allows me to make sure I am staying on track and don’t find myself approaching retirement age and wondering where all my time and money went.

March 2017 – Net worth of $651,050
February 2017 – Net worth of $646,721
January 2017 – Net worth of $610,843

December 2016 – Net worth of $602,815
November 2016 – Net worth of $590,607
October 2016 – Net worth of $580,516
September 2016 – Net worth of $584,517
August 2016 – Net worth of $576,261
July 2016 – Net worth of $563,304
June 2016 – Net worth of $547,669
May 2016 – Net worth of $551,578
April 2016 – Net worth of $549,263
March 2016 – Net worth of $539,890
February 2016 – Net worth of $523,004
January 2016 – Net worth of $503,628

December 2015 – Net Worth of $509,553
September 2015 – Net Worth of $487,765
June 2015 – Net Worth of $492,072