About this site:

This site exists to help individuals who are looking to manage their own finances. Topics discussed on this site are my opinion only and are educational in nature. While this site is intended to be thorough, it should not be the only resource used in making your investment decisions.

I find that I learn best from studying my decisions and outcomes as well as those of others. On this site, I'll share my own successes and mistakes as well as those I've witnessed over the past several years helping others with their money.

About me:

I am a big proponent of doing everything yourself that you possibly can, and this includes managing your money. I spent nearly a decade working in the financial services industry helping people reach their financial goals, but have since moved on to a career in corporate finance. Since I no longer do this for a living, this site is a way for me to continue to share things that I find useful to anyone trying to manage their finances.

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